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The scrap tire recycling industry has been around for many years, but uses for recycled scrap tire rubber are in the initial stage, as less than 20% of scrap tires are processed. Approximately 10% are incinerated, generally for power generation, although air quality issues are always a concern as scrap tires, like coal, are dirty fuel. Approximately 4% of our scrap tires are exported to other countries where the casings are used in retread plants or the used tires are sold as is. Currently about 2% are processed into crumb rubber and used in molded products and for modified rubberized asphalt applications, which provides a longer lasting and more durable asphalt surface.

Stockpiles of scrap tires create health problems as they become breeding grounds for rodents, snakes, and mosquitoes, and also are serious fire hazards. With approximately 250 million scrap tires being generated annually in the United States and the existing piles estimated at between 2-3 billion, this represents a serious problem.

Marwa Alalawi Contracting Est.(Pallet Manufacturers), is proud to present its unique and patented product, a new pallet made from recycled scrap tire rubber. It is strong, durable and reusable, providing an alternative to wooden pallets and the expense associated with replacing, repairing and discarding wooden pallets. MAC Pallets might be serial numbered and bar-coded to insure tracking and retrieval so that they can be used over and over again for many years.

OUR MISSION To provide cost effective and durable pallets to all industries and manufacturing.

  • → Wood and plastic pallet life cycle is short and the cost is very high.
  • → Wood pallets break and need repair or replacement every one or two trips.
  • → Wood absorbs liquids, gains weight, breaks and splinters, and is difficult to clean.
  • → Industries demand more durable and long lasting pallets.
  • → Scrap tire stockpiles are an environmental hazard.
  • → Current pallets made of wood, are consuming over 3.5 million trees annually.
  • → MAC pallets are less costly to buy and maintain.
  • → MAC pallets are more durable and indestructible.
  • → MAC pallets can support 15 times the load of a similar wooden pallet.
  • → MAC pallets are rackable, stackable, more durable and longer lasting.
  • → MAC pallets are unique, made from recycled scrap tire rubber using a newly patented process that includes rubber, recycled plastics and a binder system.
  • → MAC pallets are guaranteed for years.
  • → MAC pallets have no competition worldwide.
  • → The materials process and the manufacturing of pallets are based on an approved and issued patent (USPTO # 08/680,476).
  • → International (PCT) patent protection filed.
  • → Production line machinery is available and has been sourced.
  • → Raw materials are readily available and have been sourced.
  • → Flexible production line allows for building various pallet sizes, with high yield and quality.
  • → Product is production "ready". All R&D and qualification complete.
  • → Process based on modular capacity that allows for quick manufacturing expansion.
  • → Factory is environmentally "clean" with no waste stream.
  • → Prototypes have been built, tested, and qualified.
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